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Inspiration & Core Values

Having neither the beginning nor end of the existence. I decided to add topics through LV. While thinking of any thing Radiation starts moving around me... therefore Linear Vibe's core values came to my mind. In this core values is a description of my meditation, this is a process of Adding Life to a dead space.

Adding LIFE to the dead space.

Achetanat Chaitanya Ananne!

When I met my ‘GURU’ Col. Arvind Sabnis (Balkaka). I was really blessed by the his thoughts in todays context. I was really impressed by Nath Panth, and saint Dhaneshwari, You know almost 25 year back when my office was at Deccan Gymkhana where my ancestors beautiful bungalow, where I was born my earlier studio was there, and there use to go a procession called WARI the Walk. This walk is almost 750 years old walk where all pilgrimage walk from Alandi to Pandharpur, where the Lord Vitthal as a Dieaty of Maharashtra which is the state I live. The fact is I cant see the Wari with my open eyes, there are tears in my eyes not one or two but the continuous flow of tears, because of the vibrational sound of a particular instrument called Zanj. when zanj is played with many people a sensitive person like me and others a theta waves directly hits your brain nerves and your emotional particular portion is tapped. You know when I lost my Mom, obviously there were tears in my eyes. Those tears were of pain and grief. But here my observation was there where tears of Joy- Atmanand.

Following the Atmanand : The ultimate Joy

Having tears with and without reason?

Believe me, I was vey curios to understand this both experiences. Tears with a Reason and without Reason? to follow this mysterious curiosity i stepped my first step in the procession 25 year back. This procession happens once in a year in the month of July and almost 20 lakh pilgrimages follow the route from Alandi to Pandharpur.

Core Values of Migo Linear Vibes

RADIATION: Energy in form of lines
CONSTANT: Relation that remains unchanged
AFFECTION: The emotional kingdom of love
PEACE: Serenity peace of mind
JOY: Expression of great happiness
WEALTH: Abundance of wealth
VIBRATIONS: A linear motion of form & space
ETERNAL SOUL: Having neither beginning nor end of existence
PERSONIFY: To think of as having life

A God Gift

Much to my surprise oneday I found a pen on my desk. On having enquired all my friends whether it belonged to them I realised there were no takers for it. Inquisitiveness made me want to try scribbling with it. Amazed at what was the outcome of that scribbling the pen became my companion in every design I have made till now. There was a sense of fulfilment as though this pen completed my journey to design the Linear Vibes.

Brando & I connecting through Linear Vibes

Linear Vibes is a transforming art through the pen I found some days back. I have heard somewhere that the whole world is full of Vibrations and some body told me if you really concentrate you can feel the vibrations. In my opinion when there is a vibrations there is no detail face or character to the object, you can feel the object with your senses. In this picture besides the content is the same philosophy used to be merged by the two clear outlines of Me and Brando. Brando was such independently depending on me as a master but use to command whatever he wants through his eyes with love and affection. Hera you can see that there is no difference in the vibrations than just a outline where you can see me and brando.


Migo represents the brand for the Linear Vibes technique created by Milind Gokhale, who credits this unique art style to his friend Brando, who also happens to be his dog of 11 years.

Says Milind, “Little Brando had little fur on him, which grew both in size and colour, into beautiful hair that had a lot of positive energy around itself, I observed over time.

To me, these vibrations communicated the unflinching, selfless love Brando has for me. The Linear Vibes art style I developed was a direct result of these linear vibrations passed by Brando to me. I dedicate this unique art to my Brando!”

Realisation of Black and White through Experience and Experiment


…What can be done to get out of this Chakravyuh i.e. the Vicious cycle of delirium? What is the way out!!!

The answer really lies within you. Yes! Your own body and mind can be the answer to this seriously difficult question of the ‘way out’ from the Chakravyuh manifested by the Kali Yuga. How do you find what inside your body can prove to be useful? If you try to internalize your attention and concentration, you will come to it.

‘Inception’ of the internalization process is very difficult as there are no directions in the material world for it. But if you think from one level above, it is not very difficult to understand that the inception starts with Lord Vitthal. Lord Vitthal is a form more than anything else. A concrete form having two hands, legs and a head. This form is very typical in characteristics. In fact, when we started research, what we noticed was that this form is derived from the most important part of our bodies. That is, the ventricular system, which is present inside the human brain. Yes, that’s right; it is present in each of our brains.

The Ventricular system mysteriously resembles the form of Lord Vitthal. If you take a look at the pictures in the MRI scans shown along, you will find what the level of this resemblance is. This black Lord Vitthal (or the ventricular structure) in our body is the inception, the entry point to a better life and living.

The brain is the most important organ in the body and it is formed around this ventricular system. Thus this system is even more important and if you try to concentrate on this form, you shall be starting with the process of exiting the Chakravyuh of delirium. The ventricular system has a centre where the fluid which keeps the brain clean and the neurons active is secreted. This fluid is the Cerebro SpinalFluid. It clears the waste formed in the neurons.

If you try to look into yourself, you will see that the processes inside you are so important. The start point, depicted by Vitthal is Inception to the process of Internalization, finally leading to Realization…

Inception of Linear Vibes.

I can never imagine my love for dogs could actually introduce me to Linear Vibes a concept around which all my designs at Migo revolve. I am grateful to my dog Brando for unknowingly introducing me to linear vibes. During one of Brando’s routine bathing sessions, after combing him is when I observed the linear vibes. He too sensed an understanding between us. Even though dogs cannot talk there were times I could feel Brando understanding and responding to my thoughts. All I wanted was to sit and observe him mingling with nature.

On having observed these lines is when I experimented with my pen and drew those lines eventually turning it into a design. It is then it occurred to me that I could use these patterns to design anything & everything. A late addition to this concept was the introduction of linear vibes according to the DNA characteristics distinctive to each human. This gave me a chance to create designs that were unique.

The rest of the journey has been observational.